The ARTLIGHT group of light and lighting experts has been established to create unique lighting designs by its professional team. The group has a notable profile and has designed and implemented numerous lighting projects gaining a precious experience. Lighting can give character and eye-catching personality to the surrounding.

When considering projects for the exterior or interior lighting of commercial, office and residential buildings, one always feel that there is a lost element that could be found by merging the artistic aesthetic and light group prepares and presents its lighting projects. In addition, important factors such as energy efficiency and ease of maintenance are also considered in conducting our lighting projects.

The services provided by the ARTLIGHT group are as follows:

Consultancy: giving consultancy for lighting modifications and exterior or interior lighting of different commercial, office and residential buildings as well as the outdoor green space.

Supervision: supervising the lighting projects from the beginning up to the completion.

Implementation: supervised implementation of the lighting designs prepared by the group according to the electrical and technical plans and maps.

Distribution: the group is the exclusive representative of a number of credible European brands in IRAN for a wide range of lighting products. All the products are distribute with guarantee and effective after sales service.