The HSI lighting is an established organization with a renewed mission. in 2008 the organization took the name HSI extracted from HUE, SATURATION,INTENSITY, which is engaged with all visible substance in the planet in recognition of its new identity as an association that represents both companies and professionals working in the lighting industry.

We are a technology based company with associated offices in UAE and Spain. our mission is to develop and produce high quality lighting products especially in new challenging field of LED and we keep trying to provide alternative lighting solution.Our products ensure safety, reliability and value for users, to achieve this our company relies on the personal commitment, experience and skills of member of staff in the organization working within a management System which satisfies all the relevant.

HSI lighting consist of some 15 professionals focused on serving company in the following areas:

healthy and safey, enviromental affairs, energy efficiency affairs, conferences and events, products development, and communications.

The UAE AL-MUTLAQ Marble & Lighting in our authorized and active dealer with experience of handling considerable number of projects mostly in retail including fashion , jewelery and restaurants however we have recorded some of projects in sport & gymnasium , residental and hotels.